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All the timber structures we supply are handmade by ourselves – this gives us the perfect opportunity to design the structure that meets your exact needs – we can design the size, shape and structure that will fit into your garden perfectly, whether it’s decking, seating or a pergola.

We can make timber structures in softwood or hardwood, such as oak, cedar and larch, depending on your budget and how durable the item needs to be.


We can design, construct, and install a decking area perfect for both relaxing and entertaining, from hardwood, softwood or composite decking.

During our site visit we’ll make sure we understand all of your requirements before we provide you with a design and quotation, making sure we design the perfect size and shape in the best location.


These wooden structures feature vertical posts with horizontal ones on top to create a focal point and a shaded area. Lights and climbing plants can be incorporated for an enhanced aesthetic appeal.

We can make a pergola as large or as small as you want, as a stand-alone structure, or attached to your property. They are a great way of highlighting a decking or patio area.


Gazebos are usually round or octagonal and typically have a roof, although we can make them to any shape and without a roof if required. They can be freestanding or attached to a garden wall and are used to provide shelter and shade, as well as being a beautiful feature in their own right.

We can incorporate a green roof onto the gazebo which is visually attractive and also attracts a diversity of garden wildlife.

Rose arches

We can make one or multiple arches for your garden, to create a point or interest or a walkway.

Climbing plants such as roses, clematis or honeysuckle can be grown up and over the structure to make a really beautiful garden feature.


Garden screens are a great way of sectioning off parts of your garden, hiding an ugly building, providing an enclosure or some privacy.

We can make and install timber garden screens to any size or shape you want, in a range of designs to suit your style.

Raised beds

These are a perfect way to grow small plots of vegetables or flowers and look great in any size of garden.

We can make raised beds to any length or shape and from just a few inches tall to waist height.


As experienced joiners, we can make garden seating to fit any size or shape you need.

Whether the seating needs to curve round a tree, fit in a corner, or line an entire fence, we can help.

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